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Why Choose Raw?

Raw food is what your pet is meant to digest from an evolutionary standpoint.

Featured Product!

Our new featured product is the air-dried recipes from NZ Meow & NZ Woof!


Their foods and treats are manufactured in small batches in New Zealand. They support fair trade and local sourcing when choosing suppliers and farms across the country. Their recipes are high in meat  for a species appropriate diet. They don't include any by products, or fillers (such as corn, wheat, meal or soy).  No artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives.


It's simply delicious, nutritious food that your pet will love!

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Ingredient Dictionary

Questioning the quality of your pet's food? Check out our ingredient dictionary to see how the label holds up.

Raw Food Calculator

Our raw food calculator is a great way to ensure the correct amount is being fed, or to keep up with a growing pet's needs.

Also available for free as an app

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Current Promotions

Here is where you will find a list of all our current promotions. Product availability is not guaranteed, please contact us to confirm.

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