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Why Choose Raw?

Raw food is what your pet is meant to digest from an evolutionary standpoint.

Cute Puppy Sitting

We are proud to have been awarded Best Chain Retailer for Western Canada. Thank you to everyone who voted for us!

Featured Product!

Our new featured product is a modest collection of toys from WestPaw!

West Paw is a renowned brand that specializes in creating high-quality and eco-friendly dog toys. They prioritize sustainability by using recycled materials in their manufacturing process. With a wide range of options, West Paw offers toys suitable for different play styles and sizes of dogs. Their durable designs ensure long-lasting fun and engagement for our furry friends.

West Paw Funnl with Earth Animal No Hide Chew

Earth Animal's No Hide Chews fit into the Funnl for added enrichment while chewing.

Get your Qwizl, Toppl, or Funnl today!

Dog Eating

Ingredient Dictionary

Questioning the quality of your pet's food? Check out our ingredient dictionary to see how the label holds up.

Raw Food Calculator

Our raw food calculator is a great way to ensure the correct amount is being fed, or to keep up with a growing pet's needs.

Raw Meat

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Big Cat with Bandana

Current Promotions

Here is where you will find a list of all our current promotions at Tail Blazers West. Product availability is not guaranteed, please contact us to confirm.

Need a Nail Trim?

                 Get your pets' nails trimmed while supporting a local rescue! Available for cats and dogs.

Cats and Dogs
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