Dedicated to pet health

Our goal is to make readily available human-grade, healthy and nutrient-rich, species appropriate, and life enhancing products for pets.

We promise to continue to be trendsetters in our industry by purchasing ONLY from companies that are constantly improving their product line. As the pet food industry grows and advances we will continually improve our product offerings.

We vow to carry as many Canadian and ECO-Friendly product options that we can while maintaining the quality our customers have come to know and trust.

what we offer

Nutrition Education

Customized nutrition plans for your pet's health.

Unique Selection

Biggest raw selection in town, and so much more.

High Quality Foods

We are so picky about what we stock, no need for you to second guess.

Accessories Galore

The latest styles of apparel, and friendly staff to help fit your pet.

Personalized Service

Our team takes the time to get to know you and your pet.

Info Resources

Browse our articles for tons of info, or call us with with your questions.

Our Team


Melanie has always known, right from childhood, that pets were her calling. At the age of 11 she started volunteering with animals, and over the years has journeyed through virtually every aspect of the pet industry. She has worked for all the big pet retail chains, worked as a groomer, as a trainer, and for a distributor of pet products. In 2010 Melanie bought the West Edmonton Tail Blazers location, and now boasts over 20 years of experience in the industry. Driven by her passion for helping pets and their people, she continues to expand her knowledge and inventory to help pets live their healthiest lives!

Pet Health Consultant

Ashley joined Tail Blazers in January 2017. With over 15 years of experience in the pet industry, she brings a wealth of knowledge related to animal health and behavior to our customers. Ashley holds the belief that people want to do the very best they can for their pet and in a world of misleading marketing and advertising gimmicks, she strives to educate our customers on pet health and nutrition so they are empowered to make informed choices for their best friend and companion. You will often know Ashley is working because her Papillion, Olive, will greet you at the front door and assist you with your shopping experience.

Pet Health Consultant

Before Briana was an employee, she was a Tail Blazers customer. She came into the store looking for advice on how to feed her two cats a raw diet. One of them had just come home from a five day stay at the vet, where he was diagnosed and treated for a urinary blockage. That was back in 2015, and she is happy to report that she has had no further health issues with either animal since they were switched to raw. Briana hopes to one day add a couple of dogs and maybe even a horse to her small family. She currently runs her own business as an equine massage and vertebral realignment therapist. She is the newest addition to the Tail Blazers family, having started in September 2017.

Pet Health Consultant

Rodolfo has been in the pet food industry for almost six years now. He started out producing raw dog food for a local company and joined the TailBlazers family four years ago. He has a passion for health and for helping others, whether they have two legs or four legs. His dog Athena, a five year old rotti/shepherd, has been fed raw her whole life and is a great example of how a raw diet can help keep your dog young and healthy.