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Here at Tail Blazers our goal is to make sure every food we sell is full of healthy ingredients that will bring health and longevity to your animal.

I am sure every place you have ever bought your food from and every manufacturer of food says the same thing.

Here are the facts:

1: Tail Blazers would not be around if dogs and cats were healthy. My wife and I would still be running our human health stores. The truth is, in the modern era, dogs and cats have never suffered from more health problems than they do today (at least in North America). Dogs are living 40 percent shorter lives than they did in the 60’s. That just so happens to be around the time that dry dog food started to become the most common feeding method. This is not necessarily a reflection on dry food, but it is a reflection on the quality of dry food. Most of our pet’s current day ailments come from poor nutrition. Yes, I know your food is balanced, AAFCO approved or even recommended by your Veterinarian, but if this were enough, then we would have healthy pets. But we don’t – so we have to ask why? Every dry food has changed its formula at sometime to make it better. The truth to that statement is that over time we see the long term deficiencies of a food and try to correct it. What this means is that over time and your animals failing health, we figure out what the food is lacking and try to correct the diet. Most foods are made of very low quality ingredients and have very little to do with a species appropriate diet.

Species appropriate is the starting point of where all good foods should begin. Unfortunately most companies start with cost.

Species appropriate is the kind of a diet your pet would eat in a natural environment.

Example: A cat would eat mice and birds primarily. They are carnivores and most if not all of their diet should be meat. Yet most cat foods on the market are full of grains and very little meat. Yes, even many of the ones you get from your Veterinarian or AAFCO approved foods start out all wrong. The reason for this is they start with the cost factor as their goal. They use cheap ingredients, that I won’t even call food. Then they add things to make up for the deficiencies? An example of this is taurine. Taurine is now added to all cat food because we found it is necessary for their health. It does not need to be added if you feed your cat meat because it is an amino acid naturally occurring in meat. But since most foods have very little meat a synthetic form of taurine is added to the food to make sure there is enough to promote health. This would not be necessary if they just ate the right kind of food to begin with. This is just one example. There are many more, but I think you get the point.

2: The next thing is more complicated. But it is the only other thing that should matter. What is the quality of ingredients? And in what order? The first five items are the most important. It does not matter if it is AAFCO approved or if you got it from your Veterinarian. You pet does not care. They will eat out of your garbage can. They rely on you to make good food choices. We all know most children will eat sugar until they fall down. Of course this comes after the frenzied rush. Dogs and cats are similar. They might like a food but what they don’t know is it is loaded with artificial flavors and colorings that are used to make things addictive. Many of these additives are used to make your pet consume more or make them crave the food. Just like nicotine was used in cigarettes. Look at some of the red dyes put in some meat formulas. Dogs are color blind. Do you think it was put into the food for them to think that it looks good? Stay away from preservatives, colorings and food dyes. If it is a good food it does not need them.

The most important thing you will ever do for your pet and one in which they completely rely on you, is what will you feed them. We are dedicated to helping you make good, educated choices.

When we pick foods to sell in our store we first look at, is it species appropriate and what are the ingredients? Of all the dry foods out there we carry less than a dozen brands. And yes I have looked at most foods that are available through veterinarian clinics and they would not meet our standards. No grocery store brand even comes close. There are good foods that we don’t carry. I just want people to realize the good foods are greatly out numbered by well marketed and poor quality foods.

Every day we have more and more testimonials from people who have switched their animals to good food, and each and every one of these stories is our ultimate goal. So please bring us in your labels and ask us every question you can think of. You can even email questions you have to

We want everyone to have healthy vibrant pets to share their lives with. With your help we can reach this goal.

by Brent Hauberg, President and Founder of Tail Blazers

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