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At Tail Blazers West, We Are Dedicated to Your Pet’s Health

Our first goal is to provide species appropriate food and treats that are

human-grade, nutrient rich and above all, healthy for your pet.


“Healthy” is a word that is commonly thrown around these days, both in the human and the animal world. Our promise to you is that you will never find ingredients like “meat” meals, by-products, brewers rice, wheat, corn, or soy in any of our foods or treats.

We specialize in raw food feeding, a highly bioavailable, unprocessed, whole food way of nourishing your pet. What dry food we carry has been minimally processed, loaded with high quality ingredients, and has the most value to the customer. 

We aim to be a source of knowledge and support for our customers. You might have questions about your animal's diet, need help with behavioural dilemmas, or some help finding the right toy. Whatever your needs, we're here to help in any way we can.

The staff here at Tail Blazers West are all pet parents to a wide range of companion animals; we have all had at least one pet who taught us something about common health or behavioural issues. We know what our customers are going through when they get a scary diagnosis at the vet’s office. We dedicate all of our working hours (and then some) to researching how nutrition can help heal the animals we love so much.

We work with companies that have strong principles when it comes to ingredient sourcing, food production, customer service, and strong environmental practices. For that reason, we source our products from all over North America, parts of Europe, and even New Zealand. We believe in only carrying the very best our industry has to offer.


Come in and have a look around. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. We also love when pet parents bring in their four legged friends for us to meet, so come pay us a visit! 

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