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Beating the HEAT with your dog this summer!

Dog by water

Most of us LOVE the summer heat! We thrive in it, soaking in the sun and enjoying every minute. Our dogs are the same, with one major difference - they don’t necessarily have the awareness, or the vocabulary, to let us know when they’ve had enough. Dogs are just as susceptible to heat stroke (and sunburn!) as children are, so it’s important to be conscientious when enjoying the hot weather with your pet! Here are a few summer fun tips to help you and your dog make the most of the season:

Cold Water Play

Spending time in your yard with your dog can be enhanced with some cold water accessory items. A kiddie or splash pool with fresh clean water makes for great fun for dogs to lay in, drink from, and retrieve their toys out of.

Rope toys can be soaked in water (or better yet, bone broth for electrolytes) and frozen, and given outside. Much like a toddlers frozen teething toy, these are satisfying, refreshing, and wonderful for teething puppies as well!

Cooling Treats

Making healthy frozen treats is simple and fun! Use silicone molds and fill them with things like Goat’s Milk, Kefir, Bone Broth, or melted Coconut Oil. Add berries, hemp hearts, watermelon, or other dog safe goodies. You can even use a dog cookie, or a small bully stick as a ‘popsicle stick’ to finish it off!

Freeze for a couple hours, pop them out and store in bags or containers in your freezer, and feed them outside for a refreshing and nutritious treat. Your dogs will love them!

Cooling Apparel and Skin Protection

If you are planning an outdoor adventure in the heat with your dog, there are a few options for ensuring their body temperature stays comfortable throughout the day. Cooling vests and bandanas are a great way for a long lasting cooling effect. They are designed to be soaked in cold water, and worn by your dog, and can be re-wetted throughout the day using a water bottle to ensure they stay cool. The vests will double as sun protection on light/thin coated dogs.

There is also dog sunscreen! Dogs with white hair have very pink skin and are susceptible to burning. Light colored noses and ears are also quite vulnerable. Be sure to only use dog appropriate sunscreen, as the human formulas can be toxic to dogs.

Aside from the kiddie pools, all of these options can be found in store, at Tail Blazers West!

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