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Dog Feeding Tips

Sitting dog smiling at the camera

Here are some tips for helping you transition your dog to a new diet, introducing a different flavour from their current or different brand, or to simply elevate their current diet.

Every dog has taste preferences, just like we do, so don’t be discouraged if after you feel like you have tried everything, they still are not interested. That being said, some dogs can be very stubborn and hesitant to change their diet, so here are some pointers that have helped in the past.


  • If your dog eats canned food, try mixing it with a small portion of raw food. Slowly increase the amount while decreasing the canned food until your dog is eating an exclusively raw diet.

  • If your dog eats kibble, try offering the raw food on its own, and outside of mealtime. This can reduce the pressure to immediately eat the new food.

Freeze Dried/Air Dried

  • Offer it as a treat outside of mealtime. Both freeze dried and air dried foods are generally highly palatable to dogs

  • Use bone broth or goat’s milk to rehydrate, if feeding freeze dried


  • Try mixing a small amount of their new food into their favourite old food, this will help them get a little taste of the new food, without being overwhelmed by it; slowly increase the amount until your dog is eating the new food.


  • Offer as a treat outside of mealtime; it reduces the pressure to immediately eat, and allows them time to investigate

  • Mixing a small amount with their current food, and slowly increasing until they are eating mostly their new food.

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