Feline Fresh

FELINE FRESH LITTER – All natural pine litter. Scoopable, flushable and biodegradable, as well as helps kill litter box odours naturally. Availalbe in regular clumping or pellets.


OKOCAT- The ökocat Natural Wood Clumping litter offers seven-day odor control, and it absorbs 500% its weight in liquid. The ökocat Natural Wood Pine Litter features cracked wood pellets and relies on the power of pine’s natural ability to destroy ammonia odors for up to seven days. Unlike food type litter materials, ökocat is made from wood. Wood contains naturally occurring compounds that protect trees in their natural environment. That means after your cat uses its litter box, unpleasant odors are naturally repressed.

World's Best

WORLDS BEST LITTER – Worlds Best products clump quick, scoop easy, last long and help eliminate odours. And all the scoopable cat litter products are 100% natural made with corn, safe and available in a variety of sizes.

NOTE: Not all Tail Blazers carry identical products. Please contact your location for product/brand availablity. Thank you.

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