Feline Fresh

FELINE FRESH LITTER – All natural pine litter. Scoopable, flushable and biodegradable, as well as helps kill litter box odours naturally. Availalbe in regular clumping or pellets.

Sustainably Yours

After years of experimentation with a wide array of plant-based products, the Sustainably Yours team hit upon a unique solution based on the combination of corn and cassava, two sustainable and renewable crops.

World's Best

WORLDS BEST LITTER – Worlds Best products clump quick, scoop easy, last long and help eliminate odours. And all the scoopable cat litter products are 100% natural made with corn, safe and available in a variety of sizes.

NOTE: Not all Tail Blazers carry identical products. Please contact your location for product/brand availablity. Thank you.

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