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Shipping Options

Cat Nibble

Dry Goods

This includes:

Canned food

Kibble/Air-Dried/Freeze Dried

Shelf-stable Treats/Chews

Shelf-stable Supplements

Toys/Snuffle Mats





Pig Tails

Frozen Goods

This includes:

Large and Small Raw Food Options

Various Bones/Fish

Goat Milks/Bone Broths
Tripe/Greens Blends

Frozen Supplements

We are offering shipping to Edmonton addresses only.


We are only able to provide this service twice a week for frozen orders, and Monday - Friday for dry orders.

Please provide as much notice as possible and information to ensure a smooth delivery experience.

Currently, our rates are as follows:

  • Packages of dry goods only (Monday to Friday) – weighing up to 50lbs: $15, flat rate.

    • These orders will be delivered within 4 hours of placement, Monday - Friday.

  • Packages of any size containing frozen goods – weighing up to 50lbs: $21, flat rate.

    • These orders will be delivered only two days a week, and they will be sent out as soon as possible after time of placement. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any failed delivery attempts, or change of delivery address/incorrect address may incur extra charges to your account, and may prohibit future deliveries.

To set up your next delivery, please call us at 780 489 7387

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