Olive used to have itchy skin and we couldn't figure out why. Medications from the vet didn't work. She would constantly be scratching and looked like in significant discomfort. We switched her to a raw food diet after doing some research and her skin condition went away! Now she scratches like a normal dog. Thanks for the great advice!
Patrick S

Tail Blazers is a great place to shop for your pet if you are one of those consumers who prefer small businesses over megastores. Tail Blazers is a small but wellstocked store. When it comes to buying raw food for my spoiled two dogs and two cats, Tail Blazers is my number one choice. They carry a wide selection of dog and cat food, both raw, dry and canned. They also carry a good selection of treats, toys, shampoo, vitamins and anything else your pet needs. Customer service at Tail Blazers is great! I have gotten to know Mel, the owner, over the years, and she and her staff are always very helpful, friendly and courteous. Even though I live on the other side of the city, I can't imagine shopping anywhere else. I highly recommend Tail Blazers to all, and will certainly continue shopping there as long as I have pets!
Carolyn C

Melanie and her staff are so knowledgeable about the nutritional needs of my pets. She has helped keep my dearly loved animals healthy for around 10 years, and I am so grateful to have found her.
Joan M

Love this store. Their knowledge (never had a question they couldn't answer, from diet for a dog just diagnosed with pancreatitis to supplements to help with various behaviour and medical conditions), great customer service & support (the owner knows me by name and remembers things about my dogs diet/conditions when I have questions), and superior stock that's hard to find elsewhere (they carry top notch brands, including a variety of kibble - complete with great limited ingredient options, frozen raw - including pre-mixed pucks and do-it-yourself bones/organs, low temp dehydrated raw "kibble", dehydrated powder, and wet foods). This store and the owner & staff are very well worth my travel time to get there from out of town.
Kaidy S

Always a great place to go; we've been shopping here for over a year now and I realized we had never written a review!Which is a shame because Mel and her staff are friendly and knowledgeable about all the different products they carry.They really helped us decide on a food for our 3 dogs; all of them are super picky spoiled little cupcakes so it was definitely not an easy task! Thanks again guys we couldn't have done it without you!
Eric R

Tail Blazers is simply awesome. They helped me get my pet off of needless prescription vet supplied food which was costing me a fortune, onto a natural food solution that has helped my pet now both lose weight and shes doing much much better health wise. The staff is always incredibly friendly and knowledgeable as well and actually take the time to get to know you by name and tailor a solution for your pet.
Robert R

Keep your pet healthy with Tail Blazers.

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